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Antinanco Welcomes its New Board and 2018 Initiatives!

March 1, 2018 marked Antinanco Earth Arts School’s 3rd Anniversary! 2017 was very exciting for us. It was busy, chaotic, spontaneous, filled with exciting idea...s, magical visions and groundbreaking initiatives.

In 2017: - Over 600 children and families came through our doors; - Offered close to 50 workshops, programs, charitable initiatives, webinars and retreats; - Added solar power workshops and education on clean energy sources to our curricula; - Together with KidBilt, Be Light Living, children and all of our wonderful supporters, we built and installed a network of free library houses for kids Nature Spirit Library; - Our Solar-Powered Earth Arts Mobile and Sailboat Winnebel served as well in 2017 as hands-on models and projects for off-the-grid self-sufficient living. In 2018: - We are bringing an international group of children, artists and musicians from Cuba and the US to Poland to bridge the boarders and cultural differences through Art! On July 6th, we will be holding an international Open Forum World Peace Conference. Warsaw.! - Our Antinanco Earth Arts Online University is now open, offering many wonderful classes at no charge; - Through the Power-Tools For Life - Program for Girls, together with KidBilt and TERRApia school of transformation, we are offering education for girls on carpentry, automotive repair, conflict resolution and equal rights. The program is designed to bridge the gaps in social, educational, and professional milieus, addressing inequalities and underrepresentation; - Many nature retreats are in the works!

Warm Welcome and Huge Gratitude go out to our new and improved Antinanco Earth Arts team:

Board Members: Urszula Abolik, Mariana Bernstein, Joe Resch, Barnaby Ruhe, Galina Shekoff, Olga Sher

Advisory Board Members: Dan de Lion, Dave Miller, Dina Ostrovsky, Margarita Amrita

Youth Leadership Council: Olga Chechina, Dina Divine, Malley Chertkov, Anoush Ambush Bog

Photo Credits: Yuriy Khomyakov

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