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Turtle Island United - Update

The Turtle Island United team would like to provide an update on our recent activities.

Turtle Island United is a partnership of Antinanco, PAZA, Tree of Life, our First Nations, and Partners for Native Nations. Our goal is to address acute needs in partner communities in the near term as well as addressing overall community wellness in the long term.

In March and April of 2021, we distributed:

- Greater Good Backpacks and Petpacks for homeless and their pets with hygiene and other basic necessity items.

- Turtle Island United Wellness Kits with traditional medicines, nourishing foods and disinfecting solutions - ZeroWater Filtering Pitchers and Replacement Cartridges

These items were delivered to the Hopi, Navajo, Rapid City, SD and Sisseton Wapheton communities.

We appreciate our on-the-ground partners who worked hard to make the distributions possible: Sinmuy Amungem - for the People, Jim Standing Bear Julia Fike, Carol Gokee and Shannon LaFromboise.

We would like to specifically acknowledge The Taubert Foundation, ZeroWater, GreaterGood Charities, and the individual friends, donors and supporters who helped make this distribution happen.



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