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Turtle Island United Celebrates its First Year

The Turtle Island United Project would like to celebrate our Project accomplishments of the past year that are beyond all expectations. Turtle Island United, formed in April 2020 under the name Native COVID-19 Response, is a partnership between Antinanco, PAZA, Tree of Life, our First Nations, and Partners for Native Nations of Turtle Island. This letter and the attached video show the beauty of humanity in response to the pandemic.

In less than a month after the Project commenced, more than 150 friends, family and organizations came together to deliver aid to our Native brothers and sisters during this time of crisis.

We celebrate our partner Angel Flight NE and its volunteer pilots, who have been instrumental in distributing critical aid to those in need all over Turtle Island. To date, 7 flights have gone out to Native American Reservations bringing protective gear, ppe, water, food and winter gear to the people.

Please watch the video of our sendoff of the March 13, 2021 flight of emergency supplies to native communities in Minneapolis, who lost shelter and were left in frigid temperatures without basic supplies. Kevin Garrison and his Blessing Bag Brigade NJ team put together and delivered 100lb of hygiene bags, emergency sleeping bags and thermal blankets with less than 24-hour notice. Then the heroes of Angel Flight NE flight were able to promptly deliver the resources requested.

We celebrate and thank all of our partners for their service. The collective power of human effort moves mountains.


With editorial assistance by Alan Ritter

Video by Marta Apreleva



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